Navigating the Best Payment Methods for Online Casinos

A plethora of payment systems adorn the online landscape, facilitating transactions for services and products. Among these, bitcoin has emerged as a widely embraced and popular method across numerous countries. In this discourse, our aim is to provide a comprehensive elucidation of the mechanics involved in conducting payments through this avenue. Through the course of this exposition, you will be apprised of the inner workings of bitcoin, as well as the pragmatic utilization of this payment system for both depositing and withdrawing funds within gaming casinos. Bitcoin substantiates itself as a compelling choice, boasting convenience, security, and financial advantages. Its prevalence is conspicuous not only in Austria but across various nations. The virtual realm harbors a wealth of Austrian bitcoin casinos that seamlessly accommodate transactions. Beyond its utility, bitcoin s distinctiveness stems from its novel architecture that circumvents governmental oversight, thereby introducing an array of supplementary features adaptable to online casinos. Navigating to a reputable bitcoin casino devoid of mandatory deposits assures an avenue for indulging in premier gaming experiences while sidestepping potential pitfalls.

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Edmonton's Entertainer Premium

Entertainer Hypnotist Corrie J puts on a hypnosis show that has everything you need for corporate events, school and aftergrad, birthday parties, Christmas parties and more! 

Comedy Edmonton Hypnotist Corrie J

Put On The Event Of The Year With A Hilarious Edmonton Hypnotist! Book Entertainer Hypnotist Corrie J For Your Edmonton Party Or Event.

Hypnotist | Corrie J



for all ages.

Comedy Edmonton Hypnotist

Hypnotist Corrie J.

Our Ev3nt Packages.

With several options available from single performances to full event packages, Hypnotist Corrie J and his talented team can put together a party that works for the audience, the event and the budget.

Corporate Events.

If you're looking to switch things up at your next corporate event, including a magician or hypnotist show is an effective and unexpected way to get everyone engaged and it will ensure that your guests never forget about the great time they had at your function. All our entertainers are the best at what they do.

Christmas And New Years!

CHRISTMAS PARTIES, NEW YEAR’S PARTIES, AND MORE! Anytime you want to make an event memorable, give Hypnotist Corrie J a call!

Use our in House Entertainment Agency for the company Christmas party is always a hit and we book up early in the season.

From corporate Christmas parties to smaller, personal family events, our comedy hypnosis show will be the centerpiece of your Christmas party fun! Add on a few extras and make it super fun!

School And Aftergrad

Your high school prom is a special night, unlike any other. It's a moment in time students will forever look back on. Book a professional entertaining comedy hypnosis show today it provides everyone with a fun and fascinating experience!

Make your high school post-prom or senior all-night grad party something no one will ever forget. Once you’ve hired hypnotist Corrie J for your seniors, you’ll be able to sit back knowing that everything is going to run smoothly so that you and the other organizers can enjoy yourself as much as anyone else!

Weddings With Lcd Productions

It’s your night. We’ll help you make it SPECTACULAR

LCD Productions puts their experience to work to make your night spectacular. We not only prepare the perfect DJ music to set the mood, but we’ll also set up a breathtaking scene to transport your guests the moment they walk into the room.

WEDDING DJS AND SO MUCH MORE WE’RE THE WEDDING & CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT SPECIALISTS. We’ll create a wedding or corporate event to astonish your guests. We are your one stop Entertainment Agency.

Save money with these event idea extra add-ons

Walk Around Mentalism/Magic Show

Entertainment options for corporate events - make your next corporate entertainment event unforgettable!

Entertainer Corrie J is one of Edmonton, Canada’s top-performing mentalists/magicians. His ability to astonish and even move audiences has made him the perfect choice for people looking for entertainment for their corporate events. As a headliner act or simply surprise magician at your event, Corrie J’s mentalism/magic show has been something that stands out from the crowd!

Edmonton Photo Booth Rental

We specialize in providing Photo Booth rentals to entertain your guests if you're in need of entertainment for your upcoming wedding or corporate event. We also offer Photo Booth services for school dances when hiring hypnotist Corrie J thru or entertainment agency.

Our Photo Booth includes a large variety of customization options so you can set it up to match any type of theme you've chosen while still getting all the professional photos and an online gallery of your special day!

Best Edmonton DJ Service

(All-Inclusive Pricing)

Hypnotist Corrie J DJ Service offers THE “Best Value” DJ pricing package in Edmonton.

If you are looking for an Edmonton Wedding DJ Service, Edmonton School Dance, Grad DJ, or a Corporate Event DJ; then the All-Inclusive hypnosis show added to the package will cater to all your Music & Entertainment requirements. Lighting packages are also available on request!

Corporate Event Party Ideas

Looking for some great entertainment ideas? Whether you're looking to hire a magician, find a photo booth rental, or book awesome local talent like comedians, bands and magicians

We have tons of options to help make your next event top notch!

Comedy Edmonton Hypnotist


What They Say.


You’re getting sleepy and you can’t stop laughing! entertainer Corrie J, is a comedy hypnotist in Edmonton, he will put your guests in a trance and then double the laughter. Corrie J’s COMEDY HYPNOSIS SHOW clients include many high schools, after-grads, proms, private corporate events, and fairs. Corrie J entertains his audiences with his amazing performance on a thrilling, powerful, and entertaining hypnosis stage show, entertainment that is high-quality, affordable, and fun! Perfect for any group or function!

Hypnosis, undoubtedly, is the most captivating type of entertainment for your event but let’s not stop there. Let’s kick your event up a notch with one or two different add-ons that Corrie offers including a photo booth which is a great way to get more engagement from your guests and make sure everyone has fun. How about some walk-around magic or a professional DJ Service for after the show? Learn more (link to the extra section below)

Hypnotist Corrie J will customize each show to whatever kind of audience you have in mind and make sure that your guests have the time of their lives! With his skill, flexibility, and versatility, Corrie’s shows are never boring. No two people will respond exactly alike so every single show is always fresh! So, if you’re looking for someone who “knows his stuff” when it comes to using this amazing power we call hypnosis; look no further because Edmonton’s favorite hypnotist has arrived!

Corrie is available to entertain you at your next event as well as help you with hypnotherapy for lifestyle changes.

our promise

Whether you’re planning an event, party, or after grad, your audience will love everything about the show. They’ll be so happy they’ll want to stay and savor the moment.

Guests will depart having had a good experience at the event and being grateful for the time you’ve provided them. So, on the night of your event, sit back and enjoy the show! It’s going to be a memorable experience you won’t soon forget. 

Comedy Edmonton Hypnotist
Comedy Edmonton Hypnotist


You can expect to pay between $2000 and $5000 + in Canada for an Insured professional Hypnotist (Prices on a holiday and around December and New Year may be higher. Remember Corrie has package deals where you can save.  

Stage hypnosis is intended to be seen by an audience as compared to hypnotherapy, which takes place behind closed doors. Stage hypnosis serves to entertain whereas hypnotherapy looks to create a certain desired change that may be revealed later on in the display of actions and emotions.

YES! DO NOT hire a stage hypnotist for your event without proof of current insurance.

Hypnosis, also referred to as hypnotic suggestion, it is a trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration. Hypnosis is usually done with the help of a hypnotist using verbal repetition and mental images

Yes,  Corrie J does works through other entertainment agencies. However, it may be cheaper to book directly with Corrie J.

Yes, he does have different self-hypnosis mp3’s available from hypnosis weight loss, hypnosis for stress. Please contact him for more details

Absolutely, Corrie works with some of the best entertainers in the business. Like hypnotist TerranceB

Comedy Edmonton Hypnotist

Hypnotist | Corrie J

Top Hypnotist.

Comedy Edmonton Hypnotist